Were you ever concerned about a Nuclear Attack on the US? You may be surprised to know that this attack may have been seen by our nation's father George Washington as well as 4 other US prophets and ministers during the 1900's. See the details of the George Washington's Vision here. George described the revolutionary war he was entangled in, the Civil War and the next one.

Regardless of the religious implications, are we dependent on our government agencies to help us in such an attack? There might not be much time for any communications and possible knocked out communications towers, etc., afterwards would leave us helpless. So what do we do? We will know what routes to use before a nuclear flash occurs. We have maps depicting the radiation plumes and it's advanced direction & speed on Google Earth displays. These maps show roads and underlying towns for the possible escape routes. If your local to these cities, then you should have these routes memorized anyhow but you need to know what direction. We are trying to work with various state emergency management agencies to see how fast they can control highways for an evacuation of all roads one way - out.

The good news is that most will not have to escape any radiation and best to remain put as the model will show. Otherwise, you would be contributing to the traffic jams for those that need to escape and you may be caught in the radiation plume by ignorance and panic. For those escaping, by these maps, each suburban town would know how & where to go. Not all should want the same area and that would be a bottleneck. It's really a suburb to suburb scene. Also shown on the map is a legend of the health effects of 12 hours of radiation under this plume. You must escape this radiation.

This info could be transmitted to your cell phone but everybody should view this before their en route to work or immediately at their first coffee break. The variation of the radiation plume depends on the vertical profile of winds to near 70,000' or more. Some web sites have advised to just know which way the wind is blowing. Obviously, they mean the surface wind. It would be better to check cloud movement, if there were any, but this take time and skill and usually only seen at 1 or 2 levels - which you don't even know what height they are. We receive 2 wind profiles a day scattered throughout the country at 7AM & 7PM EST. We have 61+ predicted levels for every hour afterward on a 25 km grid instead.

To your surprise, I checked agencies and have heard that they admitted that there is no model for the US. Now, the military has one but trying to extract info about that was scanty because they don't know who I was. However, explaining that I was US Navy earlier, I manage to interpret that their model was very basic. I was encouraged by those in the know to develop this model again. We made use of the 911 incident data to spring this program. An original model of this type from NOAA's ESSA branch was updated by the Navy in 1980's. The NOAA's ESSA original author and the other author, a retired Captain from the Naval Weather Service, who was a consultant to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site have kept me under advisement. During my experience as the City of Phila. Air Pollution Meteorologist and programmer for 17 years and 28 years Naval Weather Service Reserves at my nearby Willow Grove NAS, I have assembled all the research formulas and graphs and a few other of my routines to give us the best science base, math and programming routines for this updated Navy model.

It has taken 4 years to compile these 12 programs to produce these plots. Now the CPU time is over 1 hour for a contemporary PC of today but could be souped up for faster CPU speed. However, uploading these pics takes about another 15 minutes. To do the major cities of the US every day or twice a day is impossible for one person. I need volunteers that could concentrate and be responsible for their own cities. Also, I am trying to obtain city profiles of buildings by satellite & aircraft Lidar Data which will should put the icing on this cake.

Initially, the web site should be free but you can imagine once this is available to all the Churches, more help would be needed and some donations for the continued real time operation would be necessary. People should realize that they're would be no better investment for such a minute contribution. Plus, they would certainly be contributing to a type of most "charitable" organization. I may be able to distribute these funds back to the helpers in time.

To see the end result of the model displays, click on Radioactive Fallout Model. You can click on the 4 early links at the top there to see the theory & details of the model. A final sample of the displays are seen in the bottom links. Two are displayed here for your quick reference. They are Philly2 and Philly7 . If you can use any of your skills to help in any way, reply by the Contacts below. Email me by:

More Information: info@radfo.info

Help or Suggestions: staff@radfo.us

Personal: buddygraph@hotmail.com

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